InsurPac is one of the largest small business PACs in the country.​


    The Big 'I' federal political action committee, InsurPac, helps     create and maintain relationships with members of Congress.


InsurPac has consistently raised more than $1 million dollars for           the past four years.

In 2016, InsurPac raised $1,070,209.53.


     Texas reigned as the national champions in 2016, raising $74,125.
     New Jersey came in 12th overall, raising $29,870. 
     (Not bad, but we can do better!)


The New Jersey YACs had 100% participation in 2016, meeting    
annual donation goal.

Everyday your federal government affairs team is leveraging congressional relationships developed through InsurPac to fight for, and sometimes against, regulation that will impact our industry. It is because of the strength shown through donations that we continue to be represented and have a voice when it matters. 

This year, we challenge every single agency employee to donation to InsurPac.
 Whether you give $20 or $2000, each donation adds to the strength of our unified voice. Let 2017 be the year we claim the National Champions title. 

To learn more about how the Big 'I's Government Affairs Team is working for you, click here or visit the national InsurPac web page.

Contribution forms, along with a personal check, may be mailed to:

Independent Insurance Agents of America, Inc.
Political Action Committee
412 First Street, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20003-1804

To donate with a credit card, please contact IIABA at 202-863-7000.

Please be sure to include your agency name and address with your contribution.

As per campaign finance laws, no corporate donations are allowed.