Big 'I' Flood


The Big 'I' Flood Program offers flood coverage within, above, and outside of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Selective Insurance, IIABA's endorsed WYO, offers primary NFIP policies with an ease of doing business, competitive commission, and the latest technology for quoting, placing, and servicing of flood insurance.
Should higher limits be required that are above what the NFIP offers, Wells Fargo Special Risks, and their in-house underwriters, are available through Big 'I' Markets to provide excess flood limits over any NFIP policy.
For individuals whose property is deemed ineligible for the NFIP, such as one located in a Non-Participating Community, that has been designated as a Coastal Barrier Resources Act, or Other Protected Property, Wells Fargo Special Risk can assist.




emailFor more information about the Big 'I' Flood Program, contact IIABA at                   800-221-7317.