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Based on the highly acclaimed Best Practices Study series first developed in 1993, the Best Practices suite of tools provides a comprehensive product line based on an extensive range of topics to help all agencies improve agency performance and increase agency value.

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A key goal of the Best Practices program is to create opportunities for you to make real change to your agency and its success. Check out all the products available from the Big "I" Best Practices. 

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Check out valuable products for improving agency performce, including the latest research on top-rated agencies.

Become a Best Practice Agency
Since 1993 the Best Practices Study has examined top performing agencies across the country.  For these agencies, inclusion provides the prestigious status of "Best Practices Agency" and opens the doors to many benefits.   

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The Customer Service Experience - An Independent Agent's Guide to Serving Today's Customer

This 11-installment online series is published on the 15th of every month with information, research, worksheets, quick tips, and more to assist agencies in creating a meaningful customer service experience.

Follow the series as it is made available on the Best Practices website. For more information about the content, contact Best Practices staff.

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