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Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page

Big I New Jersey understands that it can be challenging to keep pace with all the information - and misinformation - being shared regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19.  To help you navigate through this unique situation - and keep your team, customers and yourself safe - we are curating information from the best resources available.  This page will help you understand how the pandemic affects your agency and share best practices for keeping your business going.

Big I New Jersey remains 100% committed to assisting your agency. Our office is working remotely and our staff may be reached via phone or email.

The Office of the Governor has set up a NJ COVID-19 Public Hotline  at 800-962-1253 or 800-222-1222. Trained professionals are on standby to answer your calls. 


Human Resources

Remote Work

Government and Legislative Issues

General Information

Free webinars for big i nj members

hr Q&a with affinity hr group

Listen as Big I and Claudia St. John of Affinity HR Group discuss HR issues relating to COVID-19 including government mandaged closures and more.


Optimizing your project management in a remote work environment

Join Seth Nagle from Big I NJ partner ePayPolicy to learn how to leverage tools like Google Docs, Slack, and Trello to manage projects and keep your operation running smoothly...all for the cost of a few mochas. See demos of each product and learn how you can get up and running in no time.

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E&O Risk Management coronavirus/covid-19 best practices

Every Tuesday and Thursday through April 30, 3 pm 

Every agent, carrier, and insured is in unchartered territory as it relates to COVID-19. Traditional claims management is out the window as the industry works to cope with an avalanche of claims that appear, on the surface, not to be covered.  Should agents report claims where coverage does not appear to exist? Should agents report claims when insurance carriers are asking them not to? Should agents tell their insureds what to do? Big I Professional Liability and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions will address these and other pandemic panic questions.



This on-demand webinar will help walk you through the Families First Coronavirus Response Analysis Act (FFCRA) and provide a brief overview of CARES.

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Payment Protection Program Webinar

InsurBanc CEO Dave Tralka shares this webinar outlining everything you need to know about the new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

This information webinar will share practical and actionable advice on how to implement a remote work plan for your agency.

Payroll Protection Act - Gathering Information

This new on-demand webinar, developed for the Big I Agency CFO (Advisory Group LL), shares information and answers questions on the Payroll Protection Act (PPP).

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Also available for download is the Self-Calculating Worksheet that members can use to figure out how much you can borrow.

Everything You Need to Know About the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

InsurBanc CEO Dave Tralka shares everything you need to know about the new Paycheck Protection Program, This information will help both your agency and your commercial clients.

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Big I Government Affairs Update on the Federal and State Response to COVID-19

This on-demand webinar shares valuable information on the legislative activity at the state and federal level, including an overview of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the small business implications in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Next steps - both legislatively and in the insurance industry - were discussed.

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