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Get involved and shape the future of the association and the industry. VOLUNTEER!

Big I New Jersey is always looking for new ideas on how to enhance your membership experience. Share your thoughts with us by joining a task force or committee. It won't take a lot of your time and it will make a BIG difference in your membership investment. 

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2020-2021 Committees

Annual Conference Task Force
Chair: Jacki Frank, AAI, ACSR
Vice Chair: Jennifer Kacmarsky, ACSR
By Laws
Chair: Jerry Ford, AAI, CPCU
Vice Chairs: Michael Razze, CIC, CRM

Diversity Task Force
Chair: Angela Guerra-LaPenna
Vice Chair: Maria Keegan
Education Calendar Task Force
Chair: Lou Sofianakos, CPCU
Vice Chair: Jennifer Kacmarsky, ACSR
Finance and Audit
Chair: Chris O'Neill, CRIS
Vice Chair: Michael Razze, CIC, CRM
Government & Industry Affairs
Chair: Chris O'Neill, CRIS
Vice Chair: Frank Jones
InsurPac Task Force
Chair: Kristin Ryan
Vice Chair: Chris O'Neill, CRIS

Make-A-Wish Golf
Chair: Glenn Watkins
Vice Chair: Maria Keegan