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Hiring. It's one of the top concerns among independent agents today. Good thing we have solutions.

Maybe your agency needs to grow. Maybe your agency needs to replace a lost employee. Maybe you need a temporary fill while someone is out of work. No matter how you slice it, its incredibly important to hire the right person the first time. And, bringing them along in the agency is critical for your long-term success. Big I NJ understands each of these unique needs so we've partnered with some pretty amazing solutions providers to get you there. 

HR Services

A full range of HR consulting services at exclusive member prices you can afford.

Post A Job

Our own Big I Hires makes building job postings and reaching candidates a snap.

Remote Staffing

Your solution for hiring an experienced, qualified remote employee for any position, at any length of time.

Employee Assessment

Knowing your staff - or your candidates - is the best way to build a successful foundation at your agency. Pre- employment and talent development assesments can help.