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Partnered Discounts


Partnered Discounts

Exclusive discounts on quality services - only for Big I NJ members. 

AgentQuoteLogo.jpg creates professional websites for businesses in the insurance and finance industry. No design or HTML skills are needed. 

Big I New Jersey members receive a 21% discount on services.


Disaster Recovery Services for Insurance: Protect Your Promise. Be There for Your Clients.

Disaster has no schedule. Nothing tests an insurance agent's ability to meet a client's needs like an unforeseen disaster, occurring without warning and creating unpredictable damage. Insurance agencies, more than any other business, have an obligation to their clients to be available when disaster strikes. Any event that prevents work from happening can be catastrophic for an insurance agency. During a disaster, Agility's ReadySuite Solution delivers for any or all of the four key elements of recovery: power, technology, space, and connectivity. 

Big I New Jersey's endorsement of Agility Recovery demonstrates a commitment to ensuring you will have access to an affordable and reliable solution should the unthinkable happen. Agility Recovery provides robust, sensible, and easy-to-implement recovery solutions for an affordable monthly membership fee. Members of Big I New Jersey receive a special discounted rate of $420/month on fees and coverage begins immediately.

For over 21 years, Agility Recovery has ensured that insurance agents are there for their clients. And, Agility continues to post a 100% success rate.

For more information, click here or phone 866-364-9696. 



  AM Best is the publisher of the premier insurance industry resource, Best's Key  Rating Guide.  Big I New Jersey members order this resource by clicking here

  I.C. Systems, Inc.                   
 I.C.Systems, Inc. helps companies achieve their accounts receivable and collections  goals through a variety of services that are available to Big I New Jersey members.

Imperial PFS



 Imperial PFS offers premium financing to insureds and insurance agents and brokers  with solutions for the commercial and personal insurance industry.  Big I New Jersey members receive competitive finance rates and the opportunity to  
 earn administrative expense reimbursement for placement.         



The bank of choice for Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers.

InsurBanc is an independent community bank that was founded by agents exclusively for agents. Organized in 2001 by the Big 'I' to serve independent insurance agents, InsurBanc has developed a distinctive culture that allows them the opportunity to work with Big 'I' members as a partner to help optimize growth opportunities and manage their agencies efficiently.  You can rely on InsurBanc for custom products designed to underwrite your success.

Agency Financing

  • Perpetuation
  • Acquisition
  • Working Capital
  • Producer Development
  • Debt Refinancing
  • Owner-Occupied Real Estate
  • Equipment Leasing

Cash Management
InsurBanc's cash management program understands your unique seasonality and fluctuations and creates a customer package of products and services that provide the best return on your money while also offering operational efficiencies. Click here for more information.

For more information, contact InsurBanc at 866-467-2262 or

 The Mines Press                   
The Mines Press is a full service printing company offering print services and promotional products.  Members may order products with the Trusted Choice logo through The Mines Press.




Big I New Jersey members save up to 34% on shipping with UPS.