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Embracing technology is critical for agencies to stay relevant.

We get it. You hear that all the time. But, we consider it our job to help you get there. Our technology partners understand this as well and have developed outstanding services to help you meet the growing technological needs in your agency. 

Now INCLUDED with your Big I NJ membership, Catalyit's Full Access Subscription puts expert tech advice right at your fingertips. There is no support like this for agencies anywhere else! Start with your personalized tech assessment & 30-minute consultation, then explore over 30 different categories of solution provider ratings & reviews, sign up for free tech training, Q&A sessions and product demos every month, check out tech tips & trends, and more. Start NOW by activating your FREE subscription.

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Forge3 is a leader in offering cost-effective insurance agency websites and digital marketing packages powered by their amazing ActiveAgency platform. ActiveAgency gives your agency a beautiful, custom-designed website and includes some very powerful and effective lead generation sales tools like Clickable Coverage, Hello Producer, and more. Take a look at some of the additional features Forge3 offers our members...all for only $250/month.

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ePayPolicy provides a simple, cost-effective way for agencies to process online payments via credit card or ACH without any fees for the agency. They accept all major credit cards, and integrate with AMS360, Applied CSR24 and other popular management systems. ePayPolicy is compatible with mobile devices and provides an online dashboard to view transactions and track activity. Plus there is no set up fee, no long-term contracts, and members can subscribe for only $15 using the referral code BigINJMember. Start accepting payments within 24 hours of setup (which takes only 5 minutes!) and make it easier for your agency to bind policies today!

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Did you know that 94% of after hours calls go to voicemail or are unanswered and 86% of calls that go to voicemail are hang-ups? Customers expect a human to answer their calls and, if they get voicemail, they are likely to hang up leaving your agency to miss a new sales opportunity. That’s where Insure Response fills the gap. They employ CSRs with insurance training to provide an end-to-end solutions for your agency to communicate with clients and prospects 24/7- including holidays and weekends. Their team answers calls with a branded greeting, records all calls, and provide detailed reports available in real time.

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When you're looking for technology solutions for your agency, turn to the Big I Agents Council for Technology. As the industry's leading technology experts, ACT provides blueprints on disaster planning, cybersecurity, customer experience, and other emerging trends to help your agency. Members can turn to ACT when they are looking for best practices.

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DocuSign is the industry's #1 e-signature solution used to accelerate transaction times to improve results, reduce costs, enhance customer service and reduce E&O exposure. Big I members can tap into this resource for as little as $8 in order to electronically sign and prepare, act on, and manage agreements with clients. Features and programs vary depending on need and Big I members receive a 20% discount on the program that best fits their agency.

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The Datamotion patented encryption solution, SecureMail, provides a powerful, cost effective, easy to use service that encrypts email messages sent between you and your clients. The SecureMail solution will help your agency meet compliance requirements, reduce costs by avoiding unnecessary printing, faxing, or overnight charges, and will save you time. Plus, as a member of Big I New Jersey you’ll receive a discount on Datamotion’s solutions.

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