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Let's Talk Market Access

As an independent agent, access to markets is the most important component of your job. New and starting out and don't have any direct appointments? You need access! Seasoned agency with a niche piece of business and not interested in taking on additional minimums ? You need access! Good thing we've got that for you. If you haven't visited IMS recently. Now's the time to give it another look.[+]

Standard of Care Webinar

Do you have a duty to advise? Learn how the standards go from being simply an insurance order taker, to developing a special relationship, to the highest professional standard of care. The next free webinar will be held on February 15.[+]

Tech Access Starts Here (and it's free)

You don't have to wait until the enrollment period starts in next month to leverage resources available to you via Catalyit. As a Big I NJ member, your free basic subscription opens up new opportunities that you and your team can use today. All you need to do is sign in.[+]

 Thanks to Big I NJ Associate Members for their support!

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