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Catalyit Enrollment is Closing Soon

Did you know that Catalyit subscriptions are only offered four times a year? The current enrollment period will close on December 17. Gift your agency access to all the tech knowledge they could ask with our exclusive membership discount.[+]

Standard of Care Webinar

Do you have a duty to advise? Learn how the standards go from being simply an insurance order taker, to developing a special relationship, to the highest professional standard of care. Free webinars will be held on December 14, January 3, and February 15.[+]

Contribution Year Coming to a Close

December 31 marks the close of the PAC contribution year for 2021. Please make sure to contribute to the federal InsurPac and state NJIIA PAC before the year is over.[+]

 Thanks to Big I NJ Associate Members for their support!

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