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Two PACs. Two Purposes.

Every day your state and federal government affairs team is working to keep a fair and healthy marketplace for independent insurance agents and their customers. Our team monitor bills, nurtures legislative relationships, and fights for - or against - regulations that will impact our industry. The strength of our PACs grows each year from the contributions we receive from our members. These donations allow us to be represented and have a voice when it matters.


New Jersey Independent Insurance Agents (NJIIA) PAC

Big I NJ's strong and influential state PAC contributes to candidates for the New Jersey State Senate, Assembly, and Governor. Through agency contributions, we provide bi-partisan support for state candidates and legislators in Trenton who share our business concerns.

Our government affairs team, lead by our representative Frank Jones, and in partnership with AMG, works tirelessly to keep abreast of legislation that will directly impact the industry (and thus, your jobs and your consumers). Every effort is made by our team to keep a fair and thriving marketplace. We have built strong relationships with our legislators, have gained a reputation as a valuable source of industry information, and are regarded as vital member of the legislative community.

Contributions to the NJIIA PAC may be accepted in the form of agency checks. Individuals who are interested in supporting their local New Jersey efforts are also welcome to donate.

Contribute Online

Printable Contribution Form 

2023 NJIIA Contributors                                                                  2022 NJIIA Contributors

Thank you to the following individuals and agencies who supported the NJIIA PAC in 2023

Senate Club $250
Nelson-Patterson Agency
Stanford Agency

Committee Club $5
Jennifer Kacmarsky
Amy Rizer

Thank you to the following individuals and agencies who supported the NJIIA PAC in 2022.

Chairman's Club $1500
R. Bruce Hill Agency, Ltd.
Tri-County Agency of Brick

President's Club $1000
Hanson & Ryan, Inc.
Harold Soden, Jr.

Senate Club $250

Andrew Durkin
Christopher O'Neill
Cettei and Connell Inc.
Stanford Agency
Assembly Club $100
Matthew Havrilla
Brent Rivenburgh
Abigail Rivenburgh
Christine Quinn

Committee Club $50
Brian Durkin
Harold Soden
Scott Stanford
Glenn Watkins
Jennifer Williamson

Sponsor Club $25
Bob Arthur
Danielle Bain
Kristta Bennett
Jacki Frank
Yocasta Garcia
Frank Grzyboski
Matthew Havrilla
Rob Hess
Zachary Johnston
Jennifer Kacmarsky
Agnes Kusak
Carrie Nielsen
Jamie Nielsen
Joseph Parisi, III
Rebecca Rago
Jennifer Rossolillo
Sean Ryan
Abigail Robinson
Scott Stanford


InsurPac is the independent agency system's  only million dollar PAC and one of the largest small business PACs in the country.

Big I New Jersey is currently only $3600 away from meeting our 2022 InsurPac goal and just $6400 away from receiving the honor of Eagle Status from national Big I as a state association that has raised an average of $100 per member agency. Please consider donation no later than December 31, 2022 to help us meet these very important goals.
InsurPac is the federal political action committee of the national Big I, raising money to support candidates running for national office who support the best interest of the independent agency system and our consumers. The national Big I has an esteemed government affairs team - lead by Charles Symington, Sr. VP of Government Affairs - who are among the most respected in the industry.

Click the below image for an important message from your Vice Chairman, Kristin Ryan.

Big I New Jersey challenges every single agency employee to donate to InsurPac this year.
Whether you give $20 or $200, each contribution adds to the strength of our unified voice.
How to Contribute:

InsurPac contributions can only be made by personal check or online contribution via personal credit card.

CURRENT National Initiatives           2023 Big I New Jersey InsurPac Contributors