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Owning an independent insurance agency can be challenging.  That's why we're here.

Constant changes to the marketplace and legislation, the need for products and company relationships, and new competitors make things more difficult than ever before. 

By joining Big I NJ, you get a partner who helps do the heavy lifting. We're your connection to a community of insurance professionals and a suite of products and services that help allow you to focus on doing what you love - running your agency. 

Why Agencies Join Big I New Jersey:

  • Access to Markets - Whether you're a new agency just starting out or a seasoned agency who needs to find niche markets without adding company appointments or minimum requirements, we've got you covered.

  • Quality Education Programs - From CE courses to designations to emerging trends to new hire programs, we're a one-stop-shop for all your education requirements.

  • Advocacy - We're in Trenton. We're in D.C. We're home to the IA System's only million dollar PAC. And, we have a government affairs team that is one of the most respected in the industry.

  • Marketing - Our consumer-facing brand, Trusted Choice, our website referral program - and, and our suite of professional, customizable marketing materials is all of charge.

  • E&O, RLI, and Other Insurance Products for Your Industry - All backed by an amazing team of experts.

  • Unity - Big I NJ's is a complete community of insurance professionals.  From our state and national staff who are here to serve you, to our local and statewide groups of member agents, to companies and vendor partners...we connect you to anyone and everyone you'll ever need.

And, when you join Big I NJ, every member of your staff has access to all the programs and services we offer. Because when they grow.

Maria Keegan, our member services manager, is just a call or a click away. So, join us. You'll be glad you're here.

Membership with Big I NJ Pays

Big I New Jersey offers a variety of programs that offer savings, commissions, and reimbursements that can more than cover your dues. 

Take a Look:

  • $80 average commission for one RLI Policy
  • 12% average commissions through Big I Markets
  • Up to $1500 in reimbursements from the Marketing Reimbursement Program (MRP)
  • 30% savings on continuing education programs
  • 40% savings on NJ Agents Conference registrations

Interested in learning more?
Contact Maria Keegan at 609-587-4333.

Download the Membership Brochure

Dues Calendar
Big I New Jersey operates on a September 1 fiscal year. Agencies that join during mid-year are prorated accordingly:

  • December - February: 1/3 off
  • March - May: 2/3 off
  • June - August - full dues, but will not renew until September 1,  2024