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Kevin Shannon



Meet Kevin Shannon

Kevin Shannon is the territory manager – small commercial for Nationwide, a company he’s been a part of for over 11 years. His affiliation to the insurance industry extends much longer, however, as he’s held various positions from Business Development Manager to Sales Manager since 1993. He’s been connected to Big I NJ from the start of it. That’s over 30 years if you’re counting. 

Kevin has been participating on the Big I NJ board of directors since 2018 as an Associate Member. See why he views the industry’s young professionals as the greatest asset and opportunity for insurance over the next 5+ years and the special relationship his family has with Cinderella below. 

Why did you choose a career in insurance? 
Like a lot of people, the industry found me - I wasn’t necessarily seeking out a career in insurance. I was offered a position at General Accident Insurance in claims and I suppose the rest is history once I realized that my passion was working with our agents.
How has being a member of the association impacted your career? 
Being a member of Big I NJ has helped me forge long-term friendships, mentorships, and business relationships over the years. When I was starting my insurance career, I became active at the local level with the Camden/Gloucester local association. We would play softball against other Big I NJ counties several times a year and the best part of it was getting to know everyone after the games. I guess you can say it started my network. 

What do you see as the greatest opportunity for our industry over the next 5 years? 
I think this rests with young professionals. Overall, the insurance industry is not keeping pace and the opportunity is to develop career paths for younger generations. The opportunities in insurance are endless as you can choose your path in the industry. Plus, the flexibility and advancement an insurance career offers is largely unmatched. We’re in a prime position to help younger professionals develop their careers in our industry.

What technological breakthrough, device, or innovation, do you think will have the greatest impact on insurance over the next 5+ years? 
I’m excited to see what AI will bring. Already, when I look back at the technological advancements and automations that have been made, I see a dramatic impact on operations within the industry from how we interact with one another to how we service clients. AI is really going to take it to the next level and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it and the data provided by AI.

​What advice would you share with individuals just starting out in the industry?
Get involved, collaborate, and engage with the people in the industry.

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing during your time on the board?
I want to continue to contribute to the development of young professionals and build deeper collaborations at the local and carrier levels.  We need each other in the industry to be successful.

What one hidden gem do you think more Big I NJ members need to be aware of? 
I think people often overlook the power of the Big I on a national level and what it represents. I can still remember the first time I attended the Big I Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Just seeing the power, legislative impact, professionalism, and the dedication of members from across the country and what they bring to the Big I and our industry completely opened my eyes to what the association was all about on a national level. Being more focused locally, I think we sometimes miss that and don’t realize the impact. 

Who is your mentor?
I have several.  I continue to identify new mentors as I grow in my career for new perspectives.

What is your greatest motivator?
Success. Engagement. Interacting with people.

What is the best professional advice you have received?
Press pause and read your email back to yourself out loud. 
Do what you say you are going to do.

What's something that most people are surprised to learn about you?
We are one of the few families who has ever had the chance to spend the night in Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World.