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State PAC



New Jersey Independent Insurance Agents (NJIIA) PAC

Big I NJ's strong and influential state PAC contributes to candidates for the New Jersey State Senate, Assembly, and Governor. Through agency contributions, we provide bi-partisan support for state candidates and legislators in Trenton who share our business concerns.

Our government affairs team, lead by our representative Frank Jones, and in partnership with AMG, works tirelessly to keep abreast of legislation that will directly impact the industry (and thus, your jobs and your consumers). Every effort is made by our team to keep a fair and thriving marketplace. We have built strong relationships with our legislators, have gained a reputation as a valuable source of industry information, and are regarded as vital member of the legislative community.

Contributions to the NJIIA PAC may be accepted in the form of agency checks. Individuals who are intersted in supporting their local New Jersey efforts are also welcome to donate.

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2019 NJIIA Contributors

President's Club

Bogle Agency Insurance
Tri-County Agency of Brick

Governor's Club

Schenck Agency Inc.

Voter's Club

Allen & Stults Company
Assured Partners of New Jersey - The Insurance Ctrs
Central Jersey Insurance Associates
G.S. Newborn & Associates
Maximum Benefits Ins. Agency Inc.
New Jersey Agents Alliance, LLC
Oliver L.E. Soden Agency
Rosell Agency
William R. Mints Insurance

Senate Club

Calhoun Agency Inc.
Marschil Ins. Agency T/A NorthEast Ins. Serv.
Stanford Agency
W. B. Grant Agency, Inc.

Assembly Club

Community Insurance Group
Deborah Shenberger
Donnelly & Sproul
Fenner & Esler Agency Inc.
Glenn Insurance, Inc.
John Morgan McLachlan Agency
Kristin Ryan
Sungenis Insurance Agency

Committee Club

Durkin Agency
Gary Capone
Kape Insurance Agency Inc.

Write-In Contributions

Vozza Agency